1/3rd of 2019 gone, show us yer last.fm charts

Watcha been listening to this year?

Ah, go on then

you’re alarmingly consistent with how much you listen to each month.

Was thinking that - pretty much glued to my headphones all day at work. Had a short holiday in March, hence the drop there.

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Got those GBOLs @Dawnwalker at the top of the list. Otherwise need to branch out a bit more from my usuals and the DiS State crew…


Apparently listened to more in March than Jan/Feb combined.

Self Esteem smashing everything

Press Club thrashing everybody else so far

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Love all that I know on this list so shall investigate the rest. Same goes to you @avery


Can’t remember listening to that much Max Richter. Must have fallen asleep :joy:

I don’t scrobble much anymore but

AH go on then

quite a runaway leader

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Mine is basically mine, my wife, and my two kids.

But we’re fixing this this week with a Family Account.

That is quite a feat. I tip my hat