£1 Accumulator Thread

Anyone up for this again this season? Usual setup, place a £1 accumulator including all of that weekend’s PL fixtures (some people like to exclude any games before the Saturday 3pm kick offs), post a screenshot of your bet and the odds here.

I was thinking about whether we could do a group one as well? Not 100% sure how it would work, was thinking that if maybe 10 people were involved we could all pick a bet each (not limited to the PL fixtures, maybe from any Saturday game) and each of the 10 would take it in turns each week to place the bet on everyone’s behalf. Would only cost about £4 each per season then. It would obviously require an element of trust that everyone would place the bet when it’s their week and that any winnings would be paypalled out to everyone. Not sure if anyone’s interested anyway, but if you are and you have any suggestions for how to work it, post below.

I’ll post my PL accumulator after I place it before the arsenal game later.

put an accy on le tournoi mate

Awesome, missed that (obviously), cheers.