£1 Charity Weekend Football Accumulator (12th/13th Dec)

Stick £1 on an accumulator for the Premier League Saturday/Sunday games.

If it wins swim in money and give 25% to the Rainy Day Fund.

Post your picks and/or betslip below.

I’ve gone for:

HOMES: United, Palace, Wolves, Southampton
DRAW: Newcastle/WBA, Everton/Chelsea
AWAYS: Liverpool, Brighton, Burnley


Go on then. Had a bonus pick on the fists

Can’t see City winning there, mate.

Let’s keep things sensible.



Lesby Ave.

Any stragglers?

No real cut-off with the games being one after another.

Mike Dean has kept me in it!

Ahm oot already. Got a couple of others on the go so will apply the same rule to them.

Might cash out for 91p

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That’s me out. No hospital, I’ll tell the children, etc.


Fucking Bristol City. Northern pricks.

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Similar, but Wednesday

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Brave putting money on Wigan to win but at least that came off!

Yeah they almost threw it away. It’s been a very long time since Southend and Wigan won on a Saturday

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