🚾🗳 1: Islands of the British Isles

Absolutely delighted with it really

My dad used to live in a flat in Penarth that had stunning views of Flatholm and Steepholm. And less stunning views of Weston-super-Mare.


clearly no one voting here has actually been to Barry Island.

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It’s not even an island!


sadly I cannot choose between them.

Anyone joining me on the funbus to Teapot Island?


  • Burgh Island 1fdaf119_c365_46ca_ab81_dbdd6e32f9f6
  • Drake’s Island _108311544_gettyimages-827887628

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and an absolute steaming shithole to boot.

Aw come on, Jackson’s Bay is good

gonna take you right into the DANGER ISLE

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Barry Island was good fun from memory (not sure what impact Gavin and Stacey has had on it). I’ve never braved the funfair though.

Thought you were doing a bit.

I’ll give you that. The rest of it is toilet though.

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Never heard of it from a mystery jets perspective. Just from the pub in Twickenham

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  • St Michael’s Mount
  • Mont Saint Michel

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as far as beaches go it’s one of the worst in Wales for me. Hate the place…

Yeah they were from there (but lots of other famous acts played there).

Yep. A very clever and good bit. That’s what it was

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Islands of the British Isles.

To be fair, there are a lot of ace beaches not far away. You could go to Ogmore and it wouldn’t take that much longer from Cardiff, and Ogmore/Southerndown are both really nice