🚾🗳 1: Islands of the British Isles

My mate who lived in Ogmore ended up on some 60 Minute Makeover type show, and his family’s home ended up painted in blue and white stripes with fucking fruit machine symbols on blinds in the windows. Was an absolute eyesore. Top shit.

Not a UK island sorry


  • Isle of Ely
  • Drain the swamp!

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How about the Isle of Ely?

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I’m glad someone finally brought that up.


Kenny Rogers btw


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Woah woah, this is getting a bit close to home

Shouldn’t this be

  • Spike Island
  • Turbo Island

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Brownsea Island.

That is all I have to add.


  • is an island
  • I think it’s supposed to be “No man”

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Best eye land

  • Specsavers
  • Boots

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Actually it is Gnome Anne.

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anglesey is the best island. trying to convince my mam and dad they want to retire there

I have a thing about Flatholm, ever since discovering it is in the same constituency as me. I’d never even heard of it, but was looking at where my local MP covers and there it was, inthafuckinsea off Wales! I want to go so much but it seems quite expensive to do, for a bit of a walk and a pint in their little pub.

Before quitting twitter, I had some fun exchanges with the MP about it; “yeah but Darren, how did Flatholm vote in the referendum” etc x 1m.