1 lunch break; 3 odd interactions


Wednesday lunch is my favourite lunch. I go into town, pick up my comics and then treat myself to a Pret. Brilliant.

The person who served me in Pret said “enjoy your life!” in a have-a-nice-day way. Then looked at me in complete surprise that they’d said that.

Someone came and sat opposite me. There were plenty of free tables but they just sat on the same two-seater as me. Didn’t ask if it was free, just plonked down and started eating.

On the way back to work, someone stopped me and asked if I knew where the Motorpoint Arena was. I gave them directions and they said “oh, is it near the ice arena?”. I said “Yes, it IS the ice arena”. Their face dropped, they said “Don’t be stupid!” and walked off.


It’s an odd day when you encounter three weirdos on your lunch break and none of them were in the comic book shop.


who was it who said night night to a celebrity by accident?


And here’s a letter from one of our younger listeners


We get it, you’re old. Jeez.




Is there new Rat Queens or Sex Criminals yet? Volumes I mean, cba with single issues.


everyone out.


You’re right, sorry. Should’ve asked in the football thread.


that is odd. Almost TOO odd. Gonna have to have a word with the actors


Vol 4 of Sex Criminals is due 27th September
Vol 4 of Rat Queens is due 11th October

Vol 3 of both is available at all good comic shops.


That’s two weeks from today!



i went in there yday and it was really nice. when there’s a game on they all make comments about the football without replying to each other as much (as opposed to when there’s no footy on so they have a proper discussion).

it was like being sat with old men in a pub watching a screen and just sort of randomly exclaiming their thoughts to the air.

well done, football thread people


sounds shit