£1 PL acca



No chat?


has @bugduv taken a sabbatical?

let’s kick off some chat, missing budguv’s commentary / minor analysis of the previous week.

i’ve started putting small relatively safe accy’s on just to cover the quid and this week’s is looking promising so far. maybe at one point i’ll take a punt at putting a much larger sum on a bet like this

You’d be surprised how difficult it is to get six results correct, even at the pathetic odds-on prices of these favourites. I watched regularly people staking three figure sums on dead cert accumulators and almost every week the people who back more than three or four results lost.


6 fold on a 7 match came in. Was a Swansea goal away from a lot though.

Ooh, unlucky.

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fuck watford

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£1 Alpaca