£1 PL Accy 17/18 - Week 1

absolutely no idea what ACCA Edge means I only clicked it to get it off the screen

i did a second one, not sure if against thread rules, but wanted a punt on some serious dosh

Is that Hill’s? They offered me some kind of odds boost which I squandered on Arsenal to win 2-0.


Acca Edge is when you take slightly lower accumulative odds but get some sort of payout if all bar one leg wins. Worth doing on big multi-fold bets.

Just gonna take my £60 and move on, nothing to see here

Hardly worth it but looking forward to spending my winnings

Realised as soon as I took this picture that I’d filled the wrong coupon in - two or more goals would be stretching it with West Brom v Bournemouth on the fixture list. Idiot.

It would be ruddy gruddy bluddy lovely if one of us had one of these come in this season. I’d be chuffed as fuck, what a great bunch of lads we all are.

I half-scanned from the bottom up and was nodding along at West Brom-Bournemouth 2-1 and Saints Swansea 1-1, even West Ham nicking it at Old Trafford (bold but why not eh?) then thought you’d gone totally batshit mental at Newcastle winning 10-3.

Then realised I was a chuffing moron :sweat_smile:

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…and lasses. It’s not the wrestling thread!


Everton v Stoke sounds like it might be a right humdinger.


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And really kind of the winner to share their beer tokens among the other people taking part!

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Didn’t play this last year. Did anyone have one come in?

Don’t remember anyone shouting about scooping some massive bunce. My division winners one came in though, scooped £90 or so (City-Newcastle-Bolton-Pompey E/W).

Getting 8-10 results correct is nigh-on impossible.

Best we’ve had is an 8/10. Another reason it’s best to limit it to seven or eight games.

I’ve fluked 7-leg or 8-leg accies a few times. Won anywhere between £600 and about £7k. No skill to it at all. Just as good a chance picking at random. In fact, on two of those occasions i had picked completely at random without looking at the teams.

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Would anyone be interested in setting up a Google spreadsheet so we can track the effect of the coupon busters? I’d like to see who had Liverpool and who is down already.

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