£1 PL Accy 17/18 - Week 1



Best we’ve had is an 8/10. Another reason it’s best to limit it to seven or eight games.

I’ve fluked 7-leg or 8-leg accies a few times. Won anywhere between £600 and about £7k. No skill to it at all. Just as good a chance picking at random. In fact, on two of those occasions i had picked completely at random without looking at the teams.


Would anyone be interested in setting up a Google spreadsheet so we can track the effect of the coupon busters? I’d like to see who had Liverpool and who is down already.


In my ten years of on/off betting shop employment, I never saw more than seven (and that was backing short price favourites across Euro leagues.)


so I mean I put this on because i’d say the return just about justifies the £1 gamble and it’s off to a pretty good start




The “I had Liverpool to win” roll call of shame

  • Yes, I’m an idiot who doesn’t learn from History
  • Pfffffft back Liverpool away against a mid table side, are you stupid?

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8 of the 10 bets which included the early kick-off are down.


Don’t understand which one makes me a Tory though…


20 of 21 bets had Chelsea to win, 1 to draw…


have Burnley fucked it for everyone already


can’t believe my third bet only requires a goal each from swansea and stoke and then a casual 3 goal comeback from chelsea to be on target :sweat:


Let’s be honest, we’d give £25 between us every week for Chelsea to get stuffed, eh?


4 out of 7 as of 5 pm. SAME TIME NEXT WEEK EH, LAD(IE)S?