£1 PL Accy 17/18 - Week 3


You know the drill.

Make sure you back Steady Eddie’s men in the early kick-off to save it being a total washout.


For some reason i had second thoughts about Spurs.

HOME: Bournemouth, Huddersfield, Newcastle, United, Chelsea, Liverpool

DRAW: Palace/Swansea, West Brom/Stoke

AWAY: Brighton



you gone for all nine… ooooft. :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:


Horrible set of fixtures to try and call this weekend:




You’ve not included United’s routine three points, bud…


Didn’t think a ten-fold was remotely feasible pal, took out the obvious potential-banana-skin tie of the weekend.



Doing this at lunch, but I include the early/late fixtures, probably going with the following -

City, WHam, United
Draw - Wat/Bright, Pal/Swans, Hud/South


Just done six this week


Think I did this in a drunken blur on Monday evening.

Homers: Palace, Huddersfield, Watford, Liverpool, Spurs, United,
Drawers: Newcastle, Chelsea, WBA


City in the Saturday lunchtime kick off so having none of that
Homes: Town, Watford, United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs,
Draws: The rest.






HOME: Huddersfield, Liverpool, Manchester United, Spurs, Watford, West Brom.
AWAY: Manchester City, Swansea
DRAW: Chelsea/ Everton, Newcastle/West Ham.




For now I’ve just done today’s games.


is someone keeping a tab on how much money we’re all losing each week?


I’m absolutely convinced bugduv works as some sort of freelance marketer for betting companies and subway sandwiches.


This is why I don’t back the early or late games in my accumulators.

Edit - hadn’t realised they won…