1 point = everything you don't eat on this list

Completely agree re: tinned tuna. I like a lot of fish, I like tuna steaks, but even thinking about eating tinned tuna gives me the dry boak. It’s cat food, and I’m not eating cat food

Interpreted ‘don’t eat’ pretty loosely
eg cucumber, nice thing to have on a sandwich I guess but just can’t be fussed with buying them and reckon (rightly or wrongly) it’s a nutritiously barren food

Exactly the same for me :fist_right: :fist_left:
Although I might eat liver or snails if it was done really well.

Tried to eat an oyster once and it pulsed as I was raising it to my mouth. No thank you! Thank you, no. Nope.

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All the shit ones basically…

Raw Fish
Cooked Fish

Liver being so cheap and having such a bad reputation is one of the strangest things about this country, imho.

It’s the nicest meat, texture and flavour wise, and more people need to stop being cowards and bloody admit it.



Yeh I could probably eat liver tbf if like well flavoured/cooked. All i think of is liver and onions from my childhood really which was not appetising. Dont think I could do snails though.

Ohh that’s horrid with the oyster, I tried oysters for the first time in July, I couldnt even swallow it, i just kept gagging and had to spit it out. We were at the beach with our dog and even he wouldnt eat it. Im sure a seagull made short work of it though. :joy:

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Would also guess a lot of people not liking it have mainly been exposed to the overcooked, grey, leathery, granular, chewy, bitter version.

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Remember going to a restaurant with some bellends once and they kept going on about the pigeon being incredible, and I’m a pretty conservative eater, so I said no a few times but ultimately got coraled into it, and it tasted the same as a 90p bag of liver my nan would get from Morrisons.

I’ve got a thing called Stella Artois Theory. It’s where British people just afford a shitty reputation to a beautiful, refined thing and it somehow finds its way into the psyche of the public as fact.

Fucking hell I’d kill for a big plate of colcannon, liver and gravy, and an ice-cold pint of Stella.


Can’t be a’d to read the thread, did anyone else get 0?
Caveat 1 no idea what ranch dressing is but pretty sure I’d eat it
Caveat 2 there are loads I generally don’t or never eat for ethical reasons

i just went with these.

Yeah could’ve done that, but I actually would eat all of them in certain circumstances

Pigeon and liver are both amazing. But its easier to overcook liver. Liver needs to be cooked just enough. It should be firm but not rubbery.

Liver cooked with white wine and onions just right is delicious.

Calves liver cooked with white wine and onions just right is one of the most amazing things ever.

Anyway this thread reminds me that the english are insanely finicky eaters. I think there is a very big disassociation with the reality if meat and food that leads to an offal phobia, fish with eyes etc.

By the way canned tuna is bad when its cheap and basically cat food. But good olive oil canned tuna is delicious.

I avoided tinned tuna for years after I stopped being a student (back when a quick meal consisted of a packet of supernoodles and a tin of tuna mixed together) but Miss Y is extremely fond of tuna mayo and cucumber sandwiches so I’ve had to retrain myself to like it again. We do buy decent stuff in springwater but it was a weird psychological throwback for a while. Won’t touch tinned salmon though.

I think the cheap stuff is fine so long as it’s preserved in a good bit of oil. If it’s just brine or whatever it’s much less appetising.

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Tinned tuna is fine and referring to it as ‘cat food’ is shite patter.


I mean I agree. My point was against the anti canned tuna point above. My point is canned tuna is varied. You can buy stuff which is mush in brine and stuff that is a basically a segment of a tuna steak preserved.

The mush in brine can be fine if you are making a paste or a sauce out of. But its not nice on its own or in a salad.