£1 Prem Accy 17/18 - Week 11

Shrewbie the closest last week with 5/7.

If anyone lands it this weekend i’ll double it out of the petty cash.

HOME: Southampton
DRAW: Newcastle/Bournemouth
AWAY: United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Watford, Palace, Brighton, West Brom



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This week I’ve gone for… Liverpool, City, Soton, Spurs, Leicester, Swansea, Cardiff.
Burning money.

Screenshot won’t fit but it’s 2676/1


happy to lap up the praise but i actually got 5/9 last week, the sunday’s games were cut off
wouldn’t be surprised if i got 0 this time, proper difficult


DJ Ca$h Money 4262/1

Do I have to spend all of my beer tokens on beer when I win? Could I exchange some of them for house deposit vouchers or something?


10% of the way there. Spending this in my head already