£1 Prem Accy 17/18 - Week 4

You know the drill.

Seven Saturday games this weekend.

Liverpool are a banker at lunchtime, so don’t worry about the curse of the early kick-off.

HOMES: Brighton, Southampton
DRAWS: Everton/Spurs, Arsenal/Bournemouth
AWAYS: Liverpool, United, Chelsea

Surely we can get one up this week?


Just to confirm, you think your title rivals will all win, but your own team will fail to win?

How much are the bookies paying you for this tip?

Think Spurs is a tricky one as well. Our record at Stoke is very bad for the last few years, should win it, wouldn’t be at all surprised if we don’t though.

No way Liverpool should be 7/2, i’ll tell you that.

Super heinzing rather than an acca this week

whats Super Heinz?

does anyone know why, mathematically/probability-wise, it’s not a safe bet to basically bet an accumulator on every single combination of results? considering the very high odds? in a 7 game line-up with three variations per game, how many possible outcomes are there? i mean my head hurts even thinking about beginning to contemplate the maths there but somebody else might have a better idea

tried googling this and it didn’t really yield the desired answers

All the possible bets available so 7 singles, loads of doubles, trebles, x4, x5, x6 and 7 timer. All 10p each

A combination of all folds on a 7-leg bet, bar the singles.

No he’s got Liverpool losing!!!

Ah cheers (@safebruv ). Pretty clueless when it comes to the different methods

Because there’d be 2,187 combinations of seven games. You might get lucky, but…

Also, time. You’d need some sort of program to do it, i suspect.

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weekly quit-my-job-and-go-travelling punt on all games

3 to the power of 7 would be the amount of options. So 2187

You would be more likely to lose money than win money if you put down 2187 £1 accumulators because bookies run at a profitg


It’s unfair, really.

Obviously your bookie is haemorrhaging dosh but I’m talking generally