£1 Prem Accy 17/18 - Week 6

Dire last week, bar shrewbie who got 6/9.

Remember to ignore the Saturday lunchtime kick-off, this time West Ham v Spurs.

HOMES: Swansea, Arsenal
DRAW: Brighton/Newcastle
AWAYS: Chelsea, United, Liverpool, Huddersfield, Bournemouth.


Gonna go Spurs, B’Mouth, Huddersfield, Citeh
Draws for Soton/Utd, Swans/Watford

YEAH! @shrewbie, you’re barred!

United at Saints to win, Stoke-Chelsea to draw, homers elsewhere. 237.15/1.

going for the double Leicester upset, other that fairly predictable (including an under-performance from Arsenal)


pints are on me, lads.


I think Lunchtime is an easier call than Monday:



Two bets still up after seven games.

AntpocalypseNow needs a Liverpool win for £105.

Navajo needs Leicester and Brighton wins, and an Arsenal draw for £3k.

Well ive got 100% right so far and a £35 cashout… which i think ill pass on…

Tempted by the £51 cash out now tbh…

Every time I get this instinct that “ooh Big Club X might drop a bollock today” they go and do a stuffing :joy:

50%'s a reasonable cash out. I think Liverpool will win, but i’d say each of the three outcomes are roughly equally likely…

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What did you do then ant?

Pupped it mate



Smart move i reckon. £79 from a potential £105 is great

Bit salty about the £35 i passed up but hey ho