£1 Prem Accy 17/18 - Week 7

Big Tone won about £85 last weekend by cashing out after 6/7. Navajo managed 7/9.

Seven games tomorrow. Six if you ignore the lunchtime kick-off, this time Huddersfield v Spurs.


I’ve gone for…

Six quid!

Bobby Big Spuds 'ere…

I’ve gone for a cheeky five out of six fold innit

Cue a 1/6, but i think most of your calls are bang on. I’ve tried to boost mine by chucking a couple of draws in, but can’t see Spurs and Chelsea not winning, and quite fancy Watford and Leicester. Nothing at West Ham would surprise me, though.

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Watford have been decent value this season in odds terms, it’s like the bookies only saw your lot fisting them and have been overpricing them since

going for a big one this week. £2,100 if it comes off

And no, I don’t want no draws. A draw is a result that can’t get no love from me.

Wins: Spurs, Leicester, United, Stoke, Watford, Hammers, Chelsea. £262


I’m backing against Newcastle but they’ll probably be the ones to let me down.

Yeah, I thought long and hard about that one, too. Wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Liverpool balls it up.

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Forgot to post

I’m a wig goal away from 120 bucks

Oh.113. But still

need watford to equalise then can cash out with 6/6

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mine’s fully gone now. anyone get anything?