£1 Prem Accy 17/18 - Week 7


Big Tone won about £85 last weekend by cashing out after 6/7. Navajo managed 7/9.

Seven games tomorrow. Six if you ignore the lunchtime kick-off, this time Huddersfield v Spurs.


I’ve gone for…





Six quid!

Bobby Big Spuds 'ere…


I’ve gone for a cheeky five out of six fold innit


Cue a 1/6, but i think most of your calls are bang on. I’ve tried to boost mine by chucking a couple of draws in, but can’t see Spurs and Chelsea not winning, and quite fancy Watford and Leicester. Nothing at West Ham would surprise me, though.


Watford have been decent value this season in odds terms, it’s like the bookies only saw your lot fisting them and have been overpricing them since



going for a big one this week. £2,100 if it comes off




And no, I don’t want no draws. A draw is a result that can’t get no love from me.

Wins: Spurs, Leicester, United, Stoke, Watford, Hammers, Chelsea. £262


I’m backing against Newcastle but they’ll probably be the ones to let me down.


Yeah, I thought long and hard about that one, too. Wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Liverpool balls it up.


Forgot to post


I’m a wig goal away from 120 bucks


Oh.113. But still


need watford to equalise then can cash out with 6/6


mine’s fully gone now. anyone get anything?