£1 Prem Accy 17/18 - Week 8

You know the drill.

HOMES: Spurs, Swansea
DRAWS: Burnley/West Ham
AWAYS: Arsenal, Stoke, Chelsea, United

did a fairly safe one to begin with:

so decided to go for a ‘fuck it’ option too

I did a 10-way. Screen cuts off the top three but it was wins for Chelsea, Man City and Watford.

Fuck it, let’s do a 7-way one as well, mix it up a little.

Cue seeing Klopps brave ruddy gruddy boys fail to defend their way to a 2-0 win.

Man City drawing with Stoke? Are you drunk?

Went for 9. I avoided the lunchtime kickoff.

Anyone still in play?

Down by half two.