10 minute doorbell power thread

My old doorbell (supposed range of 300m) won’t work through my new porch. That is two doors. Please recommend a wireless doorbell that will.


9 minutes left

There is no way to be funny in this thread.

No need.

Would prefer a battery powered receiver as well.

@SenorDingDong, finally your time to shine


Stand corrected.

Just get people to shout

won’t work? as in you can’t hear it ring?

wireless doorbell?

what the fuck mate.


Can I shock you?

We don’t have a doorbell.

We did have one but the battery ran out and we’ve never looked back.

If it’s important enough they will knock.

maybe his new porch is made from something that blocks the signal. like 6 inch walls of solid steel

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I mean, worst case scenario, they fuck off and leave you in peace. Fine.


Yeah, if I open the porch door then the receiver will pick it up but not when it is closed so kind of defeats the purpose.

i have a doorbell and the speaker is portable and it’s loud

what signal?! why does a doorbell need a signal?

Have you got a good grasp on the concept of wireless, prof?

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yeah, cry me a river from the ivory tower of your mansion so large you cannot hear the door ring.


But can it do two doors?

Or doorbells in general.

There may be a joke based around the word ‘knocker’ available, but I’m cooking at the moment so don’t have time to think of it I’m afraid.

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but the bell rings on the door?