10 track Worst Of



Flip out Street Spirit for Pop Is Dead and we’ll talk.

Was with you until track 10

Hate it, never understood the love.

Street Spirit I’ve been bored with for so many years. Not saying it’s objectively in their worst 10, but those are the 10 I wouldn’t miss if they were gone


Hard to think of a band with enough albums to make this worthwhile but no specific rubbish era.

C’mon, surely Pop Is Dead is their absolute nadir and must be on the list.


Arcade Fire

  1. Chemistry
  2. 7 Kettles
  3. Signs of Life
  4. Peter Pan
  5. Good God Damn
  6. Infinite Content
  7. Infinite_Content
  8. Creature Comfort
  9. The Lightning 1
  10. Electric Blue

Edit: could maybe put Here Comes the Night II in instead of Electric Blue. I actually dont mind tracks 8 onwards tbf, just had to fill out the list

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Just did album tracks tbf, otherwise yeah it’d be in there



He only wrote two of the songs on that list ASAIK.

yeah i thought you’d included a third one and made the meme, and by that point it was too late to back out

still though … justice for SS! Think Mussel Rock and Painted Soldiers should be near the top of any Pavement song list

Yeah, I really like his contributions on both Wowee Zowee and BTC. Brinx Job, on the other hand, has to be binned.

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Modest Mouse up to We Were Dead, as including anything from Strangers to Ourselves would just be unfair

Steam Engenius
Fly Trapped in a Jar
Dance Hall
This Devil’s Workday
One Chance
Long Distance Drunk
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes

neither of the last two are bad, just always been my least favs on pretty perfect albums - so they stand out more

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YESSSSSS! At least someone agrees with me!!!


The Beach Boys have some Hateful material. The first of these is disgusting

Well I started listening to Leisure as part of a plan to go through Blur’s albums and work out what would be joining Music Is My Radar and Charmless Man on my list but Slow Down/Repetition is too challenging to get through and I can’t be bothered. Skipped straight to Sing haven’t I.

(Bang is rubbish but I quite enjoy how naff it is, it’s the inept preschool fingerpainting version of Advert or Colin Zeal really isn’t it.)


Oasis will be ridiculously easy to do this for, and I say that as someone who likes them*

Magic Pie
Hey Now!
Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is
Little James
Sunday Morning Call
She Is Love
Keep the Dream Alive
Ain’t Got Nothing
(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady
Bag It Up

Weird that the Noel-sung songs can be the highlights of the latter albums or by far and away the worst, some absolute fucking shite by him there.

*insert joke reply like “more like name 10 good ones” “listing a load of their famous singles” here.


Great list.

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This is outrageous.


Terror Twilight is great… but then again so is Heaven is a Truck and Serpentine Pad!