100% going to be on the next series of Celebrity Big Brother




Oh wait, it was cancelled wasn’t it? Silly me!


That’s awful, poor woman.

Mate, I already shut one of your threads this week.

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Yeah, why was that? Didn’t you recognise the advert I was quoting?

Quality control


I’m screwed.

i get this is part of your “shtick” but it just makes you come across as a complete bellend


The article says that your ticket comes with a declaration that they hold no responsibility for any injuries that happen, but I’m not sure how far that can actually work. Not sure whether the dispute as to whether the marshall shouted a warning or not really makes any difference.

Presumed the tournament organisers would just settle out of court.

Ws having a drunken conversation about this on the train last night.

On the one hand, you should be aware that in a sport like golf that a ball might fly off the course and hurt you, but on the other, you should be able to go to a sporting event without getting blinded and people making out it’s your fault for not getting out the way.

And then you have a sport like cricket where the actual point of the game is to hit a hard ball into the crowd.

If you’re standing on a golf course, you need to be keeping a look out for balls that might hit you imo.

I wonder where you’d stand if a rally car came off the track and broke your leg or something.

No jokes about actual standing please.

There was a fatal incident where this happened in the last few years, wasn’t there?

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Yes, it does happen from time to time, unfortunately. I think from memory there is a disclaimer on the ticket to say that you accept the risks by attending. I guess it would also depend on the particular circumstances (e.g. were they standing in an obviously dangerous place - I’ve marshalled at rallies years ago and it really surprised me the number of people who’d stand in dangerous places and refuse to move when you pointed this out).

That said, it’s a lot safer and better organised these days than it used to be. If you look at some of the footage of rallies in the 1980s, it’s astonishing there weren’t more fatalities than there were.