1001 Albums: DiS - Day 14: Djam Leelii: The Adventurers by Baaba Maal

Think @Mistersteve might be away and we’re a couple behind!

I know nothing about this one!

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We’re actually 3 behind

  • Smash them all out today
  • Wait for our overlord @mistersteve and he will have a plan for us

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Yeah, sorry. On holiday this week and WiFi is worse than I expected. Thanks for picking up.


This surely is a hardcore one.
Gonna give it a go later on.

Will give this a go, but will miss the deadline probably by a very long time.

love that acoustic guitar resonance. he’s an exceptional voice, feel like on later album ‘nomad soul’ the production hasn’t age so well. think sometimes the british ‘world music’ labels would do too much with the production and additional instrumentation, maybe trying for an overly dramatic sound to sell. that’s just my taste, though and i’m no one to say. guess it’s a fashionable thing to bash that 90’s era, but those labels did push some amazing musicians.
just watched the bob marley in britain bbc documentary and his/ wailers sound was altered too and became what we know, it’s complicated.

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wow, stunner. baaba maal- maacina tooro…

I can’t honestly say I loved it. I like the sound, but after an hour I’d had enough, probably because I’m not versed enough in the genre to pick up the subtleties that are no doubt there. Glad I listened, but almost certainly not one I’l revisit a lot.


Struggling with this one. It sounds beautiful but it is so far out of my normal listening I don’t really know how to process it properly. Also doesn’t help that I associate this style of “world music” with sandle-making joss stick burning new age hippy-types in tie-dye (my issue and completely not the music).

When I do focus on the music of the music there are elements there that I love (the repetition, almost dream like instrumention, intricate rhythms…etc).

Not sure yet how I am going to vote one this one.

Quite enjoying this as a bit of a change of pace from what I’ve been listening to recently. Gone for a 7 for the moment but I’m only on track 3 so far.