1001 Albums: DiS - Day 15: Back at the Chicken Shack by Jimmy Smith

Just playing catch up here!


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i leaned on his organ (wa-hay) all the way through a gig at the jazz cafe

It’s a great album, picked it uo a few good tears back on compact disc from a charity shop. Lovely album and vibe.

Only realised this thread was here because of the pissing and moaning over on the social board. Great album, great cover! I reckon you could make an excellent case for Blue Note circa, oooh 1955-1969, being the greatest record label ever.

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Great album, amazing artwork. Beautiful lazy sunday jazz. I’m no where near my copy right now which saddens me as it’s the sort of album you see and then have to put on.

Not actually heard of this chap before. It is fine, good for what it is, but it will only ever be background music for me and I can’t imagine sitting through the entire record savouring every note.

Well this is a fun album :slight_smile:

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Listened today. Really liked it and then spent a whole afternoon jazzing it up. Maybe I will become a tedious jazz fan person

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I enjoyed that. Jazz is always a genre I have wanted to get into because I am terribly pretentious. I have a few classic Jazz albums that I enjoy but don’t love and this definitely falls into that category.

I think it also helped that I was listening to it whilst sipping on an after work cocktail :cocktail:

It’s worth listening to Root Down, the album, which is my Jimmy Smith go to (and also home of the beastie boys sample). The Cat is a great track too.

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