1001 Albums: DiS - Day 16: Bandwagonesque by Teenage Fanclub

Predict this one will get a lot more attention than the last two!

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Gone with a 9, but it’s no Songs From Northern Britain, is it?

Great record… .giving this a 10

I’d give that a 10 too & Grand Prix as well. Love the Fannies :slight_smile:

A very rare 10 from me. Sheer perfection covered in beautiful fuzz.

Saw them on this tour supporting Nirvana.
They were rubbish and so is this album. :unamused:

It’s good (9) but I prefer Grand Prix and Songs from N Britain.

Bit bored of these threads but had to vote on this one cos I’m really defensive of this record after a snobbish pal said it was shite. I fucking adore it and it’s the only TF album I really care about. It’s like listening to a cuddle.

They pretty much passed me by at the time, but ended up buying this after reading some hyperbole or something and it sounded like something I should like.

But I just don’t get it - it just sounds very mediocre to me. Nothing very offensive, but also nothing that really grabbed me in any way at all. Not heard it in a long time but really not something that I feel particularly compelled to revisit.

Really don’t know why they are loved as much as they clearly seem to be.

Gone for a 5.

I am the same with this album and band. I feel they should be a band I love as many people who like the same sort of music I do love them but I have just not been able to get into them really.

Tried again with this album and just couldn’t find anything to really connect to, all just felt a bit, meh.