💯🖕 1001 Albums: DiS - Day 2: Very by Pet Shop Boys

Day 2’s given us this cheeky little number.

Let’s all have a listen and discuss it in here, yeah?

I’ve listened to 2 songs and I’m pretty sure this is Not For Me. Will keep going a bit longer.

A different point of view is pretty great actually

Upon further listening I’m not sure this is as good as Seasons in the Abyss


Prefer their older stuff, but this is great as well. Except for Go West i pretty much like all the tracks.
Highlights: Different Point of View, One and One Make Five and The Theatre.

Yesterday When I was Mad is wonderful and Csn tou forgive her is one of their very best openers. Lots of it hasn’t aged very well tho.

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Have to say this also very much isn’t my sort of thing but I’ll stick it out then listen to Sepultura or something.

I do really like It’s a Sin. Is their older stuff more like that, or was that a one off?

Says this on Discogs: ‘Very is Pet Shop Boys’ first album to reach number one in the UK albums chart’

Couldn’t believe it but checked on wikipedia and apparently it is their only number 1 (PSB seem to be very popular in Finland btw).

I guess the commercial success is why this has been chosen for 1001 albums rather than the earlier albums.

I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing is I think my favourite PSB track but I just like it as a lovely standalone low key track. Album just isn’t interesting to me.

Oh no. I think I’ll struggle with this one. Going in

Was quite enjoying this until I reached Dreaming of the Queen :frowning:

Yeah right? Fucking hell.

I’m currently at Young Offender, and really looking forward to Sepultura.

I remember listening to this when it first came out off the back of the Can You Forgive Her video, and being really underwhelmed by the rest of the album. But I was in high school and figured that I was just missing something.

Can now confirm I wasn’t missing anything at all. It all just kinda floats by in a mid-tempo bass-less haze, without any of the musical dynamics that make CYFH such a fantastic song. There’s the occasional amusingly wry line like “You’ve both made such a little go a very long way” in Yesterday When I Was Mad but I can’t ever see wanting to listen to this again.

If anything, I’m pretty surprised I kept listening after there was a song about the queen and Princess Di.


I’ll give this a go - queuing it now.

I only ever heard the singles from this when they were out. Not my favourite PSB period, but we’ll see.

Haven’t actually checked the website that this is today’s album. Could be an elaborate prank

I think from tomorrow I’ll add a score poll at the top of each of these. Then we can see a full list at the end, much like Funky’s HGWTR threads.

Today I’m going to have to add this here, awkwardly.

Pet Shop Boys – Very

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Probably their 8th best album.
Has a few good tracks but I preferred the remix cd that came with with it - Relentless.

A few tracks have that synth sound that Blanck Mass now uses quite a bit.

Can You Forgive Her? is possibly in their top 10 tracks for me

Patchy but overall it was enjoyable. Have gone for a 7

Sorry I did not enjoy that very much. Skipped Go West too because I couldn’t face it

I also did not enjoy it very much. Go West is really bad, really. It’s just Pachelbel’s canon with synths.

Gave the album a 3 :grimacing:

I don’t know what’s going on in here, but Very is a great album, Pet Shop Boys’ best one. Singles are all fantastic, plus The Theatre, Dreaming of the Queen, Liberation… all wonderful. And I like the nobbly CD case. And the cone hats, is this the album where they wore cone hats?