💯🖕 1001 Albums: DiS - Day 20: The Infotainment Scan by The Fall

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Best track:

  • Ladybird (Green Grass)
  • List in Music
  • Glam-Racket
  • I’m Going to Spain
  • It’s a Curse
  • Paranoia Man in Cheap Shit Room
  • Service
  • The League of Bald-Headed Men
  • Past Gone Mad
  • Light/Fireworks

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DiS’s 1001 so far:

9.17 | Station to Station / David Bowie
8.92 | Daydream Nation / Sonic Youth
8.86 | Berlin / Lou Reed
8.63 | Maggot Brain / Funkadelic
8.59 | Dry / PJ Harvey
8.06 | Bandwagonesque / Teenage Fanclub
8.00 | Back at the Chicken Shack / Jimmy Smith
7.60 | Psalm 69 / Ministry
7.45 | Liege and Lief / Fairport Convention
7.00 | Licensed to Ill / Beastie Boys
6.50 | Eternally Yours / The Saints
6.24 | The Slider / T. Rex
6.00 | Piper at the Gates of Dawn / Pink Floyd
5.90 | Very / Pet Shop Boys
5.80 | The Adventures of Baaba Male / Djam Leelii
5.75 | California Dreamin’ / The Mamas and The Papas
-.— | Vulgar Display of Power / Pantera

Never been a fan, just never got the appeal of them. Will give this a go though as they’re obviously hugely influential and popular around these parts.

Haven’t really listened to this album but I do know a couple of the songs from compilations, live-sessions etc. Think this was around the point where Mark E. Smith had become a full-blown alcoholic and the music has developed into a kind of weird-sludgy mess. Do really like the song Glam-Racket though.

Weird one to be on the list. I’m a massive Fall fan but I couldn’t really argue that this is anything more than a solid mid-table Fall album. Not sure it would make my top 10 of their albums. The cover of Lost in Music is great, there are some good moments (Glam Racket especially) as there would be on any Fall album but objectively it’s no more than a generous 7.


Only listened to this album a few years ago, having not been interested at the time and then subsequently assumed it was somehow a ‘commercial’ Fall album given its chart success :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It’s a decent enough part of their canon - maybe a slightly generous 8/10. Should the TV and I ever get married, we’ve talked about having this version of Lost In Music as our first dance (either that or Brother Sport - fucking indie twats)…

Love this album. I’m Going to Spain is possibly my favourite Fall song.

Mainly because of my age, the late 80s/early 90s is my peak Fall era. Had a chance to see them in 85 support U2 but missed them due to my older brother insisting we stay in the pub for an extra pint because he could assure me they were shit and not worth watching. Fine for him, but I wasn’t old enough to drink.

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Big fan of this album but a bit of weird one to feature considering other records in The Fall’s canon that probably don’t feature on the list. Used stick Lost in Music on in the pub I used to work in fairly often which went down well apart from the jarring noise at the end. Paranoia Man would be my pick of the bunch.

I mostly hate the fall, they often come on a shuffle mix when I’m out in my bike and I almost always end up stopping taking off my gloves, unzipping my phone from my pocket just to skip the remainder of the song. Its a good minute and a bit of effort just to avoid them. Mark Smith is for the most part just an awful vocalist, his pronunciations and little quirks grate on me immensely.

But, I do like this album somewhat. Given it a generous 6, which is 6 more than I’d give some of their other records.

I’ll have to give it a listen later as I can’t remember how the last 4 tunes go but ‘lost in music’ (best cover the fall ever did) ‘glam racket’, and ‘its a curse’ are all bangers.

I love The Fall, but this is a very odd choice of album to pick. I find it very middling amongst the test of their discography.

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reacquainted myself with it today, quite a fun album tbf with surprisingly little filler but it feels a little slight and don’t think I’ll be getting a mad urge to listen to it again soon. one of their better albums from the whole '87-'99 period though. I’m probably overrating it slightly but i’ll round up to an 8 because ‘Lost In Music’ is one of my all time fave fall tracks.

They had better albums. This is okay. I have recently got more into The Fall and this is not anywhere near their best.

Bought this at the time of release and listened a lot because a cd was a decent investment in those days. I liked it but I never became a full on Fall devotee and I tend to just return to a couple of their records these days and this isnt one of them.

From memory an enjoyable album. 7?

Presume this made the list because it was their highest charting album. They’ve got a couple more on the list but still odd to pick this when they didn’t pick Hex for example

90s Fall took longer to warm to than the rest of their career for me, some of the early 90s ones like this sound a bit dated now with that very time-specific electronic production. But this is probably one of the strongest of that decade regardless, a handful of great tunes in there.

I think Levitate is my favourite 90s Fall album, it does the whole electronic experimentation in a more exciting and less dated way.

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‘Odd’ is one word for it, ‘ridiculous’ is the one I would choose. I think it is a shame if someone who hasn’t listened to The Fall and wants to give them a try and starts with this album. I’m not sure I would have understood the point of them if this was the first album I heard. It wasn’t great at the time and has dated worse than other Fall albums in my view.

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If you’re doing the book in order I think you get Live at the Witch Trials and This Nation’s Saving Grace before you get to this one, but it’s an unlucky one to get on a randomiser like this

If they wanted to include a later Fall album you’d think The Real New Fall LP would be the obvious choice

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Just listened to this for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. Only song I’ve heard before is Lost in Music (which is fantastic), but I thoroughly enjoyed pretty much all of it.

I’ve been on-and-off trying to get into Hex Enduction Hour which has some songs I like but then others that tend to make me lose interest. Whereas I found Infotainment immediately enjoyable.

solidly mid-table fall album. the production lets it down with the weird whooshy-90s thing, its not as horrible as the 80s gated reverb thing on bits of some of their earlier stuff but “not as horrible as some of their other stuff” isnt a ringing endorsement

Weird they’ve not got Hex or Slates (or Grotesque or Perverted by Language or any of another eight or nine that are better than The Infotainment Scam). I suppose such a generalist book is bound to be a bit scattershot at times but I would say that Hex is pretty universally regarded as one of the best Fall records. The consensus among Fall fans would probably put it top (a more general audience would go for This Nation’s Saving Grace).

For what it’s worth, acclaimedmusic.net (which aggregates thousands of published ‘best of’ lists) has the following Fall albums in the all time top 3000:

TNSG at 508
Hex at 1435
The Wonderful and Frightening World at 1759
Live at the Witch Trials at 2255
Dragnet at 2688

The Infotainment Scam is their 12 highest rated album.

I Am Kurious Oranj is my favourite album by far, but that never seems to be that highly rated.

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