1001 Albums

I bought that ‘1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die’ book on the weekend. I’m going to work through it on Spotify. I do a fair bit of driving, and listen to music all day at work, so plenty of listening time.

It might be one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. I reckon I’ve probably heard about half of them, but this’ll help me fill in the gaps. So far, it’s been brilliant. I’m 17 albums in, up to Ella Fitzgerald sings Gershwin.

Why not post a one word/sentence comment about every one you hear?


I picked up one of these on a whim a while back and found it much better than I thought I would. I was a bit sceptical because, y’know, I’ve already heard all the classics from genres I like, but it made me try out stuff which I would never have thought to. Most notably, my working assumption was that Marilyn Manson was a bit of a novelty, but the writing on Antichrist Superstar made me pick it up and fall in love.

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These kind of books are great, I had the Rough Guide to Rock (out of date even then, got it from a charity shop) when I was a kid and loved reading about all these artists people considered to be totally indispensable. This was before stuff like Spotify, so a lot of them only existed for me in the little capsule write-ups.

I think the whole ‘dancing about architecture’ thing is bollocks, because I got such a great impression of so many bands from that book that were clearly just the writer’s personal, passionate feelings about them. I’ll have to try and dig it out.


Always thought these books just spent their entire life on the shelf at Waterstones


Ugh. I did consider something like this. Problem is I’m going to be getting through quite a few a day, which’ll end while I’m working, or driving, and I kind of just want to enjoy them. So far I’ve particularly enjoyed Duke Ellington live at Newport and The Atomic Mr Basie, and only really struggled through Billie Holiday, which the write-up did warn was a bit of a slog (her voice is massively on the wane, even if it is very personal, etc.

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I read this a few years ago:

it’s basically a page for each single. It’s a bit precious about the good old days of music and music journalism but it’s interesting to read about these songs and then check them out.

It’s basically a eulogy of one single per year from 1949 to 1999

I’ve got the 1001 Movies You Have to See Before You Die (it’s had a few more revisions since I got it), and I think that, at the last count, I’d seen 578 of them.

Yeah, I want to do this too. Harder to get hold of than albums via Spotify though.

I like the way it’s chronological, so you can place the beginnings of pop/rock and roll next to some properly experimental jazz, and see why your grandparents found it laughable at the time.

Ahhhh Billie Holiday is one of my favourite discoveries from my journey through the 1001 albums. I think she has the most incredibly emotive voice. Each to their own, eh?

I’m up to 1971 - 230-odd albums in. Listening to ‘Who’s Next’ properly for the first time.

‘The Bargain’ is a fucking joke. Guitar and drums could just be lifted directly from Won’t Get Fooled Again. They taking the piss or what?

For fuck’s sake, Behind Blue Eyes is the same.

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The first and last tracks on that one more than justify the mediocre middle.

I think I’d have a lot of time for Behind Blue Eyes were it not for the forlorn Fred Durst face that pops into my head every time I hear it.

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Yeah. Baba O Riley and WGFA are proper classics. The rest though… sheesh.

As for Keith Moon. semiquaverssemiquaverssemiquaverssemiquavers. Etc.


I started this a couple of years ago. I am now in 1990. Pixies - Bossanova, to be precise. I probably only average an album or so a day but I’m really enjoying it. I feel like I’ve learnt so much.

I had The Rough Guide To Rock too (might even still have it actually).

Discovered some good stuff through it, even though with bands that I was already familiar with I remember furiously disagreeing with the writers’ choices for their essential albums.

Before the internets, this was all books…

Before the books, this was all trees.

Will do this. Just cause I know I will discover some gems ive missed.

can you do this next?


What why the fuck was it pulled? Also what other nu-metal Jems? Any slipknot? KoRn? Deftones? Linkin park perhaps?