1001 Albums

One of my dad’s favourites this! No idea what it sounds like though as I just recognise the cover: probably some sort of hippy ruubbish with overlong guitar solos.

Os Mutantes for me. I’ve got a best of somewhere but never listened to any particular album.

Would be great if you could jump ahead to the next album if you had capacity to listen to more than one a day. Else it’s going to take…three years?

Guess I could just make a second URL but then things get moderately complicated

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Also bonus points for all the J Dilla samples / production :+1:

Just bought that today weirdly

Been meaning to finally get into them




You don’t understand. I could have had ass. I could have been a contender. I could have been some botty, instead of a bums generator, which is what I am.

This is pretty good m9s

I’ve got Supergrass, In It For The Money. Heard it loads already as I was 14 and hoovering up all the Britpop I could at the time - but really wouldn’t consider this an album anyone has to listen to before they die. Life is too short for that. I Should Coco if there really had to be a Supergrass album in there.

I wonder how many unique values I’d need to enter to the generator before I see all 1001 albums on one day. Think that might be where I sink my time here to be honest, rather than listening to Supergrass.


This was OK, loads of absolute nonsense (Cars Are Cars, ffs) and that dated 80s production that makes Leonard Cohen’s albums from that period such a chore but Hearts and Bones, Think Too Much(b) and Rene and Georgette Margritte are all wonderful songs.

Today: I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night) by The Electric Prunes.

Today’s entry. Somehow never got around to this one. Should be fun.


Enjoy. One of my all-timers.

Just some great lads having the time of their lives.

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Today’s album -

Hmm, not sure this’ll really be my bag

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It’s fantastic

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Led Zep II for me today. Quite a ploddy album. Doesn’t appear to have many hits. Too much drum solo on Moby Dick

Today’s listen. Don’t stick ES on too often but it is a wonderful record.


I listened to the first few tracks and it’s not bad, it’s admittedly better than I thought it would be but I didn’t realise it was 90 mins long, I wasn’t in the mood for that amount of alt-country so I’m afraid I bailed.

Fine. That kind of late 60s psych rock where someone’s always whacking a tambourine for some reason.

I think I judged this too early, turns out the second half is a load of weird novelty covers. Not good.

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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo’s Factory

For me today. A band I have heard of many times, flicked past in every second hand record shop ever, but never knowingly listened to. Something truckers listen to in America? A bit country but with some rock in there too? On first listen - yes. Lynyrd Skynyrd vibes. This first track is wigging out nicely at the end. Second one probably too country. Third is pure 50s rock n roll. Not offensive but not amazing, worth ticking off before I die I guess.