1001 Albums

Really? What are the best tracks for a relisten as they must have entirely passed me by. Boxer and Alligator are full of bangers.

HV was the first one that clicked for me so I’ve always liked it, I think it probably has fewer standouts but is their most consistent front to back (ie it doesn’t have any songs that send me to sleep), but Bloodbuzz Ohio and Anyone’s Ghost are my favourites. Little Faith too

I think all National albums take a few listens for their real qualities to be revealed and High Violet is a slower burner than Alligator and Boxer imo. Seeing the songs live also really cemented it for me as a great album, especially Conversation 16 and Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks. Probably go back to it more than the others now.

A Deep Purple live album today eh? Honestly only heard SotW before so will see how this goes…

Lovely stuff. Good excuse to dig it out.

Got Dark Side of the Moon the other day, no thanks. Though maybe the time is right to try it again.

Had a few I cba checking out but I got Maggot Brain yesterday which I will have a spin of later


Had a good run of these recently.

Minor Threat - Out of Step. This was really good, never really listened to Minor Threat before - they’re more fun than I was expecting.

Dinosaur Jr. - You’re Living All Over Me. Where You Been has always been my go to Dinosaur Jr album but this is still really good, Tarpit is such a tune. Never taken to that Cure cover though.

Wings - Band on the Run. Fun but sags in the middle. Nineteen Hundred Eighty Five is such a tune though.

Currently listening to Tago Mago which is fucking brilliant.

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