11 a side pitch hire in London

I’m organizing an 11 a side charity fundraising game at my work, and i’m looking for an 11 a side pitch.

Ideally as close to central as possible. We work in Victoria, so south would be preferable.

Does anyone have any recommendations on good venues at reasonable prices?
Will be in november so looking for 3g or something.

Battersea Park probably a decent location from Victoria I’d have thought.

There is an absolute jobsworth knobhead who looks after the 3G pitch though so you’d have to make sure everyone had the proper footwear

It’s cheaper (and easier) to book if someone in your group is a member of the council leisure centre (eg Better Health).

As Ant says, Battersea Park is probably the closest one to Victoria. There’s another pitch in Kennington Park, but it’s a nasty sand one.

Archbishop’s Park over Lambeth Bridge has a decent pitch, too. That might be worth a shout.