11th January Monday Evening

I’ll be playing D&D soon but please talk about your days.

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Hi Keith



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I think I spend most of my downtime thinking about d&d characters and backstories these days.


Do I have to?


Hi Keith,

Well today I woke up, remembered who I am and where I am and groaned, went back to bed. Eventually got up and opened up the laptop, sat in some Teams calls, eventually decided I could justify shutting down the laptop and now I’m in front of the tv until midnight when I get to do it all again.

How was your day?


I got up at half 12 this afternoon. No work today but still felt absolutely OUTRAGEOUS.

What else is there to do :woman_shrugging:

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Evening @keith @rich-t @Ruffers @laelfy and anyone posting below!

Day has been standard. Have been working all day. However, I stopped to have dinner with the girls - we had roast pie (past CCB had the foresight to freeze some turkey, ham and some of the christmas lunch leftovers) with Yorkshire puddings. I’m making @frenchtoast aware of this.

That’s all, folks!



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:pleading_face: :drooling_face:

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Had a shit day which has involved me doing fuck all work and having a cry at my desk

Oh mate :yellow_heart:


Nothing to report. Bored and cold. Ate dinner ages ago because of said boredom. Might go to bed?

Yeah, all over the show today. Think posting that list in the covid thread fucked me over

Watch this until it starts to make sense. Should get you through the rest of the year.


Spent literally all day on a single piece of work to receive an email reply telling me it’s on hold, so that’s nice.

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Long day at work and feeling fucking shit about numerous things. Having a giant bowl of pasta with sausages and pesto and watching more Curb to try and snap out of it.

What is this?