11th January Monday Evening

My wedding shoes were from Collectif!

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@tilty oops this was supposed to be a reply to you
There could be all manner of reasons for feeling a bit shaky, self diagnosis always assumes the worst! You’ve been under a lot of stress recently, that could be the cause of it too.
If you are worried, book an appt to talk about it with your GP.
Hope you feel better soon, look after yourself x


Goddammit, I forgot about some work that needed doing today and just had to do it quickly before bed. Freaked out as I thought it was a lot, but managed to hammer it out (oooh) in an hour. Only messed with my bedtime routine, but infinitely better than realising I hadn’t done it tomorrow morning.

Good night dis :sleeping:

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That’s rough, hope you’re feeling okay now!
Ps. Happy Birthday :gift::balloon::birthday:


I don’t know why I am refusing to go to bed, I’m just self-sabotaging now.