🗓 12 June: This week in music thread

Listening to the The Police for the first time in decades. Not a unique, new perspective but the percussion is great. Love the New Wave feeling towards the end of Zenyatta Mondatta.

My ’this month last year’ playlist has thrown up Angel Olsen, Crake, Field Guides, Foals, Perfume Genius, Neneh Cherry and Soccer Mommy to reacquaint myself with.

What are you listening to?

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That High Vis album is a cracker ,fair belts along,bit beastie boys that track .

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Yeah the chorus is a right earworm

Last June:

Robocobra QuartetLiving Isn’t Easy

DeliluhFault Lines

EditrixEditrix II: Editrix Goes To Hell

White WardFalse Light

TV PriestMy Other People

This month is all about Protomartyr so far but I am sure the new QOTSA album will be taking up a lot of my time next week

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Currently loving the new album by JIM - Love Makes Magic which came out a couple of weeks ago.

Perfect for this weather with its mix of yacht rock(?), 70s soft rock, folk, prog and a few more modern twists thrown in. Getting Steely Dan, Buffalo Springfield and maybe a few Robert Wyatt vibes.

We were just driving home from dinner and had a Spotify radio station going from a Steely Dan song and The Police’s “When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What’s Still Around” came on which I really like and after looking at the display my girlfriend said “what even is a Zenyatta Mondatta?” I have no clue.

Just in case Tom Waits fans in here who haven’t been keeping up with the listening club I just thought I’d mention that now we’re coming to the end we’re doing a poll for the best Waits song to wrap things up. If anyone wants to vote then send me a DM with your top 10 Tom Waits songs by the end of tomorrow. 10 points will be awarded for your number 1 - 1 point for your number 10. I’ll be doing a rundown of the top ten on Tuesday.


Off the back of the bangers thread Friday, and @Fintans_Cat giving me a reminder, but how fucking good is Bryan Adams Reckless? Catchy as all fuck, wonderful pop rock gems. Phenomenal. It’s a perfect record if you think about it.


It’s outstanding. Also weird that no-one spots how much new order ripped off one night love affair for Run!!

Album is a guaranteed good time (though I can live without Kids Wanna Rock). Shits on Waking Up The Neighbours

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Elliott Smith’s Independence Day came on shuffle today and now I’ve got XO on for the first time in a long time. My introduction to ES and it’s getting right under my skin in a lovely sunny hazy way. What a loss.

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Been on a bit of a Jack J (not Jack Johnson) binge the last few days. I think his record from last year was somewhat overlooked but was a really nice yacht-rock turn after a few years in the wilderness.

The lyrics from about 1:41 on this track really tug at my heartstrings: