13.12.17 pm



Hiya :wave:



been out to HOME to watch The Florida Project, then I ate at 8th Day

sat on the 197 home feeling down


Evening thread is it? Going out for a pint, then home to bed for a nap before ‘The Last Jedi’.


8th day is an underappreciate gem :+1:

We should grab a pint over Christmas sometime :slight_smile:


Just got in from the office having spent 33 of the past 36 hours there.

Pizza then bed by 7.00 is the plan.


Enjoy the cinema, im going on Friday Eve :slight_smile:


Evening Matt

My flat is so cold after being away for a few days that I’ve brought out my onesies for their first outing of the season

Tonight I’m going to catch up on Masterchef and Ricky.


What flavour pizza?


That’s a strong onesie game you got going on :+1:


yeah, always like popping in :slight_smile: I had some vegan Xmas food, picked up a few blondies for home.

I am v. much up for a pint. I keep meaning to hang with @Scout too. Chorlton soon?



got some stew / casserole thing on the go but i think i’ve put in way too many chillies. still going to eat it, obviously.


For sure.

I’m out and about but deffo around 28th-30th :slight_smile:




Will do! So excited!


There’s a ninja turtle one underneath :grinning:


(Also which turtle!? :D)


This one.

Not usually a fan of Chicago Town, but this one is very tasty.


just realized that if you hover over a link on wikipedia, you get a short description of that page.



Not had a deli crisp crust before


that looooks nice but Chicago Town are fucking shiiite maybe the worst pizzas ever made