138/391* bloomin' records - F---ed Up - Hidden World - favourite album listening club

Blame @Yesiamaduck. He made me do it.
And thank @Funkhouser for the gargantuan effort in compiling.

One album a day is the only way this is going to work then. Feel free to listen along.

Reading through the list I realised I’d probably heard around 50-60% and found something to like in most of them.

Join me and become the embodiment of this message board… begins tomorrow and runs until we have listened to all 391 fucking records, or I get bored and it dies.

Gonna drop this here so I can find it easily.

Also… remember the albums on this list are here because they mean something to someone in the community. Maybe even something profound. Try not to be a dick if you hear something you don’t like


This is the Moby Dick of the music boards


is there a particular order or is it random?

Having committed myself to 140-odd albums here:

I don’t think I’ll be joining you, but I might dip in


In order. You gotta work for this.


Plus random would be a lot harder to keep track of…

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1 Songs about Fucking


Jokes on you - already listened to In Rainbows and Yankee Foxtrot

Starting with the least-best, presumably?

(And ending with Big Thief arf arf)

((I don’t like Ys, that’s the joke))

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A flick through the 1-pointers and there are only two things that I’m angry you’re making me listen to. Bodes well.

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I am so sorry to anyone who attempts this. If you’re going through all the 1 pointers in the order on the list then you will run into a section which contains a consecutive 8hrs 55mins and 4 seconds of my (last minute panic) choices. No one here deserves that fate.

It’s not too late to delete this thread and pretend it never happened.


i bunged a point to a few albums that I knew wouldn’t trouble the Top 10, because I just wanted to see them on the list.

the fact that a bunch of completists are now going to have to listen to them all is just icing on the cake imo


Every chance I will get bored after a week. As good a way to pick what to listen to on the drive to the office as anything though.


I wont let you

  • If you forget to take one of your daily albums, do not double up your dosage — instead, continue with the next album due

oh hell yeah

Dont get me wrong im skipping whatever this is

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It’s 10 separate albums. You’ll have to take a break for a week and a half from this I’m afraid.

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Oh okay its not one 8hr long album okay coo coo


Day 1 - Radiohead - In Rainbows

Fittingly for this site, we open with Radiohead. A bit of a surprise to see this so low - was under the impression it would be bothering the top 10. I agree though, OKC and Kid A are much more interesting.

Almost don’t need to listen to this, as I know it so well I can play it front to back in my head without prompting… will listen later on though because although it has had some of the more interesting edges sanded off, it’s still very very lovely in a lot of the right places.