13th Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere

Why did it take Roky Erickson dying for me to get round to getting this album. It’s freaking amazing. The best psychedelic record I’ve ever heard.

Anybody with any suggestions on where to start with Roky’s solo stuff?


That album he did with Okkervil River is great.
Easter Everywhere and Psychedelic Sounds are absolutely fantastic though.

I’ve had Psychedelic Sounds for ages and I liked it without being blown away. Easter Everywhere is AMAZING though.

Will go back to the debut at some stage - I loved You’re Gonna Miss Me, Levitation and Fire Engine but frankly can’t really remember any of the other songs.

I’m going to get that Okervill River album too. Looks like there is a really good box set compilation of his whole career but unfortunately it is ridiculously expensive everywhere.

Just relistened to this the other day, i liked it before but jeez i think this might have been first listen on my current headphones - it sounds absolutely amazing. The guitar sound just simmers with electricity. And that Bob Dylan cover!

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My favourite Dylan song and it’s an amazing version. Step Inside This House is incredible- maybe my new favourite album opening track.

I’ve got the double vinyl reissue of the album which has the mono and the stereo versions which are actually quite different and both brilliant.

Yeah it was the mono version i listened to…usually they sound a bit shit and it seems counter-intuitive (psychedelic albums surely sound better in stereo, panning etc etc) but it sounded so so good

edit: apparently the bass is much more prominent on the mono version, that would very likely explain why i was digging it so much

For solo Roky (well, Roky and the Aliens) ‘The Evil One’ is a total hard rock masterpiece. Full of monster hits and demons. Some imagined from schlocky horror movies, but most, sadly, all too real for Roky. One of my top ten albums of ever.

The Light in the Attic reissue of it from a few years ago is a thing of real beauty. 100% get that. It’s SO good.


Would also recommend the isolated Roky vocal from ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’. Just one of the greatest vocals in all of rock ever. Unbelievable stuff.

The mono version is very punchy and gnarly, the stereo version has more detail. They are both great.

Well over £100 on Discogs, unfortunately. It is on Apple Music though, so I’ll definitely listen to it.

Second the Evil One - it’s amazing. Never Say Goodbye is incredible too. Like a bunch of his stuff it’s out of print and expensive, but definitely worth it. Pitchfork did one of their Sunday review pieces on it recently and it’s a good read.

Hoping that his solo stuff all gets properly reissued now, but it’s all spread over different labels so probably a logistical headache.

Amazing discography and by all accounts an absolutely brilliant dude too

I’ve listened to The Evil One - it’s really great.

£100! Ugh. (Stealthily sneaks his copy into a plastic sleeve).

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Oh man, I wish I liked this guy’s catalogue as I like You’re Gonna Miss Me Baby but nothing quite grabs me as much. I know he’s hugely important to rock music and all my friends love him so, but I think I started with the hardest song to beat

Thanks @andrew_wolfpack and @anon9806217 - The Evil One is brilliant . There’s a couple of tracks that veer into ‘classic rock’ territory but the best tracks are just superb - Stand For the Fire Demon is proper hairs up on the back of the neck stuff.