16 Today 🍰


Happy birthday to DiS. Our domain was flipped on 16 years ago today. :balloon:


Happy birthday DiS. I shall drink a Bloody Mary shortly and toast this great place! :slight_smile:


Joyeux anniversaire…


Happy birthday, DiS!





you can buy a lottery ticket now



Congratulations @sean! May the fruits of your labour continue to provide me with an outlet for procrastinatory mayhem


(yes! got the badge I was covertly gunning for as well)


(and by flagging my own post as inappropriate and then undoing it, I also got another badge. CHORTLE. What a day har har)


Happy Birthday DiS.
You’re exactly 10 years older than my daughter.
If you were launched at 19:48 then it would make it even more spooky.


Think I saw an article in the daily mail about this

Something about being β€˜all grown up’ or something


Happy Birthday!


You absolute sneak.

Going to do that to this post.


Drownedinsound shares a birthday with one of my mum’s cats. Here’s a photo of her (the cat, not my mum)


Thanks all. Thall.

Should I ban everyone who didnt it birthday?




Well done well done well done


Happy Belated Birthday DiS.


What a great innings! Well done, website!


It’s good to know who fears my wrath.