16 Year Old Taking Over Travis Scott?

Dhoble productions, a 16 year old self producing rapper/singer out of Philadelphia began making music almost 3 years ago and is already making a name for himself. Centered in Hip Hop he has found quite a worth adversary. His supporters are claiming he sounds like “A reinvented travis scott” but along with every supporter there are haters. Dhoble’s dislikers are saying he is biting Travis Scott’s Style and flow. Theres hasnt been much controversy about this topic but its growing and growing daily. Check out Dhoble’s music and decide for yourself.

Confused this with Travis Perkins and thought some they’d got a 16 year old in to flog cement.


Paso Dhoble?
Dion Dhoble?
Michael Dhoble?
Ethric Dhoble?

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This 16 YEAR OLD has TAKEN OVER TRAVIS SCOTT and all his MOTOR FUNCTIONS with some sort of ADVANCED HYPNOSIS, and now his family is SCARED and don’t know WHAT TO DO! Major labels HATE him!

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I’ve moved this to classifieds, jobs.

New TST?

Travis Scott, Taken (over)?

Well this deserved better.