17th Dec day thread.

Morning all!

In a change from regular broadcasts, I’m awake too early with two rather than one toddler.

Wor Lass is having a wisdom tooth out today. It’s my unofficial last day of work before Xmas,so probably a takeaway if I can make it happen.

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Morning Keith!

Last day hooray!

Going to get my hair cut after school, then eat pizza and drink wine until I get over cancelling our weekend away.


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I’m sorry you had to cancel your weekend - are you doing other fun stuff to compensate or is it a punishment weekend all round?

I’m technically teaching until 4.00 on Tuesday but the college calendar was very ambiguous when it was published so I planned all of my classes to finish by today. It’s only been in the last week than anyone senior has clarified that they want classes running next week.

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Morning all :wave:

It’s the last day of term :partying_face:

I’ve got to work next week but I’m off for today. Going to get some shopping done, make sausage rolls, watch Arthur Christmas with the cheeksters, that’s about it really.

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Oof. Very rough night with the new kid - he spent it eating, puking and screaming (often for more food straight after he’d puked). Not sleeping. Rough on my partner who didn’t sleep at all - I got a couple of hours in but totally mashed now.

Crikey. Hopefully it gets better.

Just doing some stretches before thread posting day


Working this morning but half day this afternoon.

Can not wait to go back to hermit life today, been absolutely livid sharing the place this week tbh :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Went out for a walk so many times yesterday to get my own space…


That’s a good days walking! I managed to touch 40k a couple times but that was in lockdown when there was literally nothing else to do

ISATD comes round faster every year doesn’t it?!

Getting boosted up this morning, that’s about the highlight of my day apart from maybe starting a thread and taking a picture of myself at some point.

24 is my avergae as i walk my commute and then walk on my lunch but the last few months I’ve gotten really lazy. Felt good to get back into it but won’t have chance again now until the new year when m is back in school. 40 is ace, my hips get too sore if I go over 30 :sob:

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out on the balcony having a smoke just now and heard an English voice through the mist down below which is a huge rarity in this part.

bloke on his phone emerges through the fog enjoying a tinnie at 9am :smiley:


Honestly, it does. In our first week I had a night where I was feeding her for 6 hours straight. The midwife told us that was great, because she’d lost loads of her birth weight, so she’s making up for it! Then at the next weigh in she’d lost even more weight :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

She’s now 3 months old and I’ve pretty much forgotten about the horrors of those first two weeks.

Here if you need to chat!

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last day of work after coming back for a bit to catch up on things. Feels weird, not really working though as still getting handovers from people on things, so it’s quite nice in some respects.

There’s gonna be too many damn threads!

Trying my luck at a walk in place for a booster, dont fancy my chances tbh. Hoping the mail gods are smiling on me so I can get a delivery before I head off to work and then down to the shire tonight. Last day in job, plan to do very little work and drink a lot of coffee. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks! I think it’ll be fine - have to remind ourselves that it’s only 4 days in and we’re all learning this as we go!!

Sister only has to self isolate til Christmas eve. Christmas is saved.

Will probably cut into my time with nephew and niece though :frowning:

His gross umbilical cord thing just fell off so that is definitely a positive :rofl:


I get to commission on oath today, which is the most exciting thing to happen to me all month.

What a sad little life. Need to iron my ceremonial cape

Scared that 90% of new threads are @jordan_229 threads :laughing: