17yr old South Sudanese MC escapes civil war to find solace in Hip Hop

Hi guys,

Yesterday we launched a new project that I hope is of interest to the Dazed community. Be interested in people thoughts.

I had a chance meeting in Masindi, Uganda last year with a talented 17 yrs old Sudanese Rapper Rabby KizZy. We made some music together…
Rabby KizZy Vs Tim Feben (feat.DMG) - This is for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HPv3DCVKyM

We’ve just launched a campaign to make a full album. With a view to tell Rabby’s (born: Juach Atem/Bior) story thus far; from war torn South Sudan and his experiences as a child soldier, across Africa as a refugee, to family reunions, and trying to make it as a rapper on Africas ‘East Coast’. The album ‘Mia Mia’ (translation 'all is well) will tell the
story of this journey right up to our chance encounter, a triumph in the face of adversity, with music inspired by the countries and experiences along the way in true Hip Hop style! However they live in different countries and with a standing start they have no label backing, which means its on them to make it happen. Thats where pre-orders come in.

If you like the music consider supporting the project by pre-ordering the album.Link for the pre-order: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rabby-kizzy-vs-tim-feben-album-pre-order-music/x/15860333#/

There are many talented young people across the world without the tools and platform to get their talents heard and realised. We hope their chance meeting can turn into a lasting partnership with this in mind!

150 pre-orders will give them what they need to start recording.
250+ pre-orders and they’ll complete the record and make a dent into production costs. More than that still and they can increase our marketing and coverage, make more of an impact and start to build lasting links with more people from the region giving them the tools and platform to get their music out and heard!

Thanks in advance.


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This is really good actually