18:13 and no Monday evening thread yet?

Well there is one now

What are you having for dinner? Is there anything exciting going on in your lives tonight? What are you watching on the telly?

Share the intimate details of your lives here.

Hi rob :wave:

Evening Matt

A bit quiet round here tonight, eh?

I’ve got a bit of a song stuck in my head and I can’t remember what it is and it’s driving me UP THE FUCKING WALL

I think it might be Don Cabellero but I can’t find it on any of their albums that I know well. It’s not Battles. It’s not Slint.


finished FFVII for probably the 10th time

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It’s a bit like this but more of a descending line and then a bit where the drums are much more frantic

Gnocchi and meatballs for tea, gotta run home from work first though and it’s gonna be brutal I reckon.

Evening Rob, evening all. Off to see Anna St Louis and Hand Habits at Chats Palace in a bit, all thanks to my DiS 2017 Secret Santa CD.



Evening saved.

Yeah that was going to be my next guess


Don’t know when the last time I even listened to that album was. Five years ago? Ten?

Cheers brain, you big fucking weirdo.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.

Just been to Morrisons for stuff to make an easy stroganoff. Gonna go home and do that and have some wine. 2 days off now haven’t I :grinning: This evening’s attire inspired by the HGWIR thread…


Just remembered that I haven’t had a shower today. Currently weighing up whether it’s worth bothering now.

Dinner is a fennel, garlic, lemon and chilli pasta concoction, with garlic bread.

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Evening all,

Had a day of company training type stuff.
Now home and going to make a bowl of pasta because pasta now makes up 95% of my diet of late.

Save it for Thursday!

Welcome back!

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You’re really improving mate, keep up the good work! x

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Still have terrible neck pain. Don’t think I can drive or really function like this. This week is utter shit