18:13 and no Monday evening thread yet?


Seitan Pitta’s for tea.

Watching yesterdays cricket highlights. Then bad.


Started today with a panic attack, so have been all exhausted and nervy since then. Bedtime was a slog.

Had a poké bowl type thing for tea though which was nice. Wish I had some ridiculous chocolate-based pudding to eat away my sorrows a bit though.

  • Giant hand
  • Tiny horse

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Why isn’t the full picture showing up dammit

THEO! Oh wait

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We saw a Shetland pony, just hanging out in someone’s garden in a village in Sussex. In the garden of the next house was a miniature railway. I felt like a giant. We went to the village pub and I had a half instead of a pint just to maintain the illusion


Yeah this is a Shetland pony too. They’re so cute and so funny :heart:

Bit disappointed no one is voting for giant hand so far pals

Are there other tiny ponies that aren’t Shetland?

And beat Google’s expected walk time to the palace by 10(ten) minutes - happy days. So of course they’re late starting while I stand sweating at the back of the room. Just seen a bloke with a Desperate Journalist tote and wondered whether it was @BMS1.

Battled the nerves and went and trained at a new hockey club tonight - first time back in the pads for four years. About 85% of the players were under 16 :grimacing:. Don’t think I disgraced myself but I’m a long way from my best.

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Yeah. It’s me. Feel free to say hello.

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I’m in a filthy mood for some reason.

(Filthy bad, not filthy sexy)

Sorry just seen your edit, ignore me.

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Hope you’re ok Kermo :heart:


was knackered at work today, still not recovered from the weekend and had to be in the office at 8am

watched Wanda Sykes’ ‘Not Normal’ stand up show on Netflix when I got home. Sorted me right out. So good

That’s alright then! Have a spritzer, my treat.

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Never a dull moment Kerms! :grinning::+1:


Absolute classic kermy.


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A few, including some miniature horses, bit Shetlands are by far the most common.

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beef bourguignon