18 songs for 18 years of DiS - nominate a track

Gonna make a playlist on my way home later to mark the site’s 18th Birthday. The twist is it’s only going to be songs you lot recommend and only from past 18 years. So tunes you’ve discovered through the site, album of the year lists and these wonderful forums. Make them good.

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Youthmovies & Adam Gnade - Honey Slides


A couple of nominations for tracks by forum members here.

First a couple of tracks by @bamnan

Bam’s been consistently making brilliant music that’s only been heard by people on these forums for years. And both of these songs are absolutely gorgeous, albeit in very different ways.

Secondly @BodyInTheThames and his absolutely brilliant electronica/techno

Both of these guys have been making incredible music for years, and were part of the major inspiration for @Twinkletoes and I starting Disintegration State.

That label wouldn’t exist without this forum.

Thanks Sean - we all owe you more than we can ever repay, but I hope you realise how much this place has meant to everyone over the years. x




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