1966 bangers

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1966 sausages?

I saw ? & the Mysterians years ago, full original line up. And they were absolutely amazing.

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Thanks for that. I try to make a point of listening to the Monks at least once a week. I flew to New York in 1999 to see their first reunion gig and then pestered them for the following seven years until they agreed to come to the UK.

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I didn’t even know they reformed!

Yeah, they reformed and played the Cavestomp Festival in New York in October 1999 They played again the very next day as well. So I saw them twice there.

I bought my copy of the bassists book on the story of the band and had it signed by all five original members. That’s one book of mine that no one borrows off me!

And in October 2006, I paid for flights, hotels, equipment etc, to bring them to London and sold all 650 tickets (and broke even). Eddie Shaw said they were there because I “persevered”. :slight_smile:

That gig got a whole page in Time Out back when Time Out was still worth buying.

In Germany, Mark E Smith (the Fall covered two of their songs) went to see them. They also played a garage-rock festival in Spain. And some more dates in the US. Before Dave Day died and the heart of the band had gone.

Ah that’s amazing! Did they still have the same magic?

Yeah I know MES was a big fan, they ended up covering a couple more later in their career as well

First heard of them when my friend posted the live video of Monk Chant on Facebook a few years ago and described them as the 60s Devo, which always felt like a good description (don’t think I’d reached 90s Fall yet so hadn’t heard the covers)

This is now the Monks thread

They totally had it still, yes. It was worth all the time and effort to get them over here. Breaking even on it was fine. It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.