1985 bangers


I mean, I would have gone with The Sun Always Shines On TV, but a good and necessary shout.


more of the greatest, with authentic mid 80s video effects



from the same album, this is another banger. A downbeat, wretched, slow, miserable banger about a life wasted, admittedly, but a banger nonetheless


Hell fire, this is intense.


In the appropriate context where the lyrics are truly understood (ie not by Ronald Reagan, obviously)


None of these three UK number 1s are considered particularly cool by the chattering classes these days (and the last one could be seen as rather tasteless in certain contexts) but bangers nonetheless


Proved, by such bangers, as, well…!!!

https://youtu.be/QO-jVmYDmmA (link to You’re Fine, sorry can’t seem to embed it)


'Member when Semisonic were the biggest band in the world for about five minutes after trying to be the Replacements more than anyone in the world (but a million times less cool, albeit also being from Minneapolis) I 'member :joy: