1994, bang & olufsen



Back to back ones from The Smashing Pumpkins’ Pisces Iscariot:

Have to love that screaming transition into the solo.

"Hello Kitty Kat"
The drumming, that bridge, that solo, that outro solo…one of the best rock songs ever constructed.


NIN - “March of the Pigs”


Soundgarden - “Let me Drown”

1994 was apparently the year of screaming into guitar solos. Gets me every time.


I’ll take a break after this one:

Kyuss - "Whitewater"
Possibly the best guitar riff not written by my favorite band.


Working in a record shop starting in 1994 gave me the scope to listen to music I otherwise wouldn’t have. Pre-Internet of course and this Country Pop gem caught my attention because Polydor made the album unavailable for a short while because of radio play of this track. That marketing and subsequent charting of the single made me think about music and business, good and bad. Either way, great song.


43 million views (listens) cannot be wrong! (they can).





there will be a Fall banger for every one of these threads


Pearl Jam - “Spin the Black Circle”


Green Day - “Burn Out”


I’m going to go with “My Name is Jonas” for the Weezer entry.







Can’t forget this one, especially with Dolores recently passing away: