1st January 2021 Thread of the Day

Good morning and a very Happy New Year.

Circa four hours until I run into the Irish sea in a swimming cossy.

What u up to in this newest of years?


Shattered! M was up for a few hours over midnight, thanks fireworks.

Continuing to make a crochet Hilda, its looking very…rustic so far.


Alright tilts. Cold innit. Had about 2hrs sleep, bloody babby. We now have 2 positive cases and 6 self isolations at work, so fully expecting to be called in over this weekend.

No real plans today. Tree’s coming down, I’m cooking a gammon and might take kiddo to the park.

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Children eh, who’d have ‘em?

I’m expectedly sipping a coffee. We’re off to a different playground today. Keeps things fresh

Leftover pizza for breakfast. I’ll make pancakes for everyone else


Morning @tilty @Scout @rich-t and @anon64105032

All is fine here. Fireworks were very very loud last night - sounded like everyone was setting them off. Maybe nothing else to do so let’s set off fireworks? Who knows. Slept okayish afterwards.

Gonna take the tree and decorations down, go for a frosty walk somewhere, listen to some records. Feeling weirdly melancholic - can’t think of a new year I’ve welcomed in with less optimism. Still, we have this place so that’s something.




Hey lovely meow xx



Morning love! Sorry I’ve woken up in a bit of a funk but better pull myself out!!

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I also thought this. Wife said I was being a curmudgeon :man_shrugging:t2:

Hard to tell if this remark was about the fireworks or everything else


Dry jan?

  • Nope!
  • Yes!
  • Will try a cut down
  • Not on alcohol book mate

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Can’t face waking R up yet, giing to pay for that later when he won’t go to sleep until after 9pm

Generally no idea how to face any of today. Things are just so shit and unmanageable here. Can’t even think about doing anything vaguely nice because it will only impinge on others.

hny, I guess

Oh boy that was a bad night’s sleep. Feeling weirdly wired though. Might as well start preparing the roast.

Happy new year all.

Morning! I’m tired and a bit groggy, but thank fuck it’s not 2020 anymore!

I wonder if coffee tastes any different in 2021. Only one way to find out…

Alright? Going to work :frowning:

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Good morning @tilty, good morning Scout, Rich, Nebbie, CCB, Meow, Sheeldzy, Weeber, Rob, Funky, Flashers, good morning DiS… and many happy returns of the day to Earth from the planets, to Grandmaster Flash from the messages, and to Mary Beard from the museums. I trust we’re all ready to honour the anniversary of the nationalization of the British railway network (ah, halcyon days), commemorate the birth of the Euro €, and also reflect on the anniversary of the passing of Louis XII - Le Père du Peuple. Hold hands with your fellow DiSers today as we celebrate both Global Family Day, and Polar Bear Swim Day which isn’t as exciting as it sounds. I’m off to BE FUCKING EUROPEAN.


I guess I’ll be cutting down but I’ve not really been drinking much over Christmas anyway - I’ve just got into the habit of having something to drink (usually just one drink) every night, which I think has been the case for about a fortnight. So yeah, I’ll be knocking that on the head.

You know what they say… a wine a day keeps you lookin at me mate wanna fuckin fight about it i love you man youres my besht mate.


Hello, I’ve woken up with a really swollen and sore index finger and I don’t know why??? Happy new year!


I felt the same about last year too