1st Monday of 2020 thread

Hello DiSers

never started a daily thread before but I’m still up waiting for some work to export safely ahead of a big ol’ deadline today

working, but more likely napping, from home today so that’s not so bad eh

are we all approaching this new decade’s first Monday with a rejuvenated sense of vim and vigour?


Good stuff, right there with you.

Can’t get back to sleep. Also have to be up early for work

Back to bed for me

Gonna go for a coffee and a walk around a lake.

No way I’m getting back to sleep for the last twenty minutes before my alarm goes.

Besides which the dream I had for the last two hours or so involved me continually waking up and realising it was a dream.

Started off, iirc, with a layer in which I got to work and renovators had moved all the desks and replaced the monitors with microwaves and old TVs… and then, a few false wake ups later, ended with me looking out my bedroom window and seeing hundreds of dogs running into view, having a Lord of the Rings esque battle before being joined by horses who really started fuxking shit up. Then I look back in my room and there’s Jarvis Cocker fleeing from the horses coming at the window, who I follow to my parents room.

Then I woke up in my parents room, said “wow! I was sleepwalking!” They informed me that I was still in my bed, and then woke up in said bed.

I’m knackered now what a monday

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Back to work after two weeks off. I’ve woken up with a headache and nausea but I’m sure that’s unrelated???

Morning. Up and urgh!

Cba but also weirdly want to ba
Shower, food and coffee will sort it out



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Already had a couple of moody emails from people back today. Makes me glad I was in for a couple of days to re-adjust to normal days and stuff.

Got plenty on today, and would be happy if I did or didn’t have a job by the end of the week I’ve decided.

Morning! Was gonna go in early to try and get a jump on everything I’ve got to do today but cba now, don’t get paid enough to be doing things like that.

This is the only way i drink coffee from now on


On the way into the office early to pick up my laptop so I can WFH.

Roofer coming today to look at the guttering, then meeting @he_2 later for :christmas_tree: :beers:

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Morning all!

I’m not exactly full of the joys of winter at present. Although maybe this is what the joys of winter feel like.

A full day of teaching followed by football should dislodge some cobwebs.

Think I got about half an hour of sleep in total.

Woke up upset, will spend the rest of the day upset. Let’s go team!

Imagine how good it’s gonna be when we get home later and are eating our teas plonked Infront of the telly



Thought I’d set me alarm for 7.30, but it went off at 6.30. Thanks past me.

WFH today, so planning quite a gentle start to the week.

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woooo monday :grimacing: