1st November daily thread

Morning all. I feel like it’s very “on-brand” of me to welcome Wyclef Jean back

It’s also very on-brand of me to be sat on a train at this time of the morning, heading somewhere. Today it’s Bristol. Haven’t been there in years - not since my friend’s wedding maybe 16 years ago. Might get to go for a pint after my meeting and before my train back.

Weather was foul on the way to the train station this morning.

But enough about me! How are you all today, anyway?

Going to start NaNoWriMo today, hope i make it beyond day 3 :sleepy:


Morning. It’s pissing down. Whilst it’s nice to listen to in bed, I’ve got to walk 4 miles this morning :upside_down_face:

so tired

we have to feed the kitten de-worming stuff every morning and it’s quite hard to do by yourself and especially when it takes you about 2 hours to wake up normally

she’s very cute though


It was blowing an absolute gale this morning on the way to the station. Real “fuck off October, real Autumn is here” vibes


Raining again. Kitchen leak :sob:

I don’t seem to have adjusted to the time change. I’ve woken up well before 6am before the last two mornings. I really don’t like it.

Had to be up before 7 cause our new washing machine is being delivered. Got woken up by the rain at about 5.30 so I’m hoping they’ll be here soon and I can go back to bed after. Last of 5 days off today, back to court tomorrow.

Same! I don’t have a story really.

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Hello. Might have sorted mortgage. Maybe. Won’t find out until tomorrow.

I had a night time shower last night and it was great. There’s a thread in this. Will post it later.

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Was hoping to get back on the bike today and have a ride this morning and/or cycle to work. But it’s raining and forecast to do so all day, so that’s that.

Probably go for a soggy dog walk in a bit and then work this afternoon.


Was well windy last night/ still is now. Fallen wheelie bins litter the street

Work, meeting my friend for a coffee at lunchtime

Got a big week of stuff

  • Tuesday - Decision to Leave
  • Wednesday - giving blood
  • Thursday - Kendrick Lamar
  • Friday - hangover
  • Saturday - Fulham vs Man City
  • Sunday - Me-Rex & Johnny Foreigner

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Supposed to be moving in 3 hours

Not really on schedule

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Fuck me the wind last night. 90mph apparently. Thought the windows were going to smash in.

Amazed my roof is still in tact tbh! Hope my shed is ok.

First day back at work after pat leave. 507 emails.


+1 for a shit nights sleep thanks to the weather

The plasterer is coming back today, we’ve got a supermarket delivery coming at some point and I’m doing the school run on the wrong day.

I must rip the Dry Cleaning bonus 7" when I get a minute too

I’ve got my trusted boiler/plumber man to come round later to fix a leaking pipe from my brother in laws bodge job.

Also got a decorator to quote to finish of the painting and smooth down some walls.

Still pretty fuming with my brother in law although I’ve not told him. Not seen him in 10 days and his tools are still here.

Jack of all trades, master of none. Never again.