2 Early 2 Monday

Barely slept, think I’m gonna call in - been watching food YouTube for the last, oh, 2 hours. Now i badly want to bake some ginger cookies and make gnocchi later

Post below once awake

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My last day of work before 6 months of parental leave. No idea why i have a Monday as my last day but :person_shrugging:


How many minutes of work do you anticipate doing

Unfortunately I still have a load of stuff to hand over so…… 10?

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First day back after 2 weeks. No thank you.


Morning. Got an exciting day of working from home. Feeling far too sleepy for this.

CW death Feel really weird after the news about Mimi Parker yesterday - never felt this sad about someone I never met


morning. hotel breakfast :yum:


Solidarity, I had a similar weird feeling for days after the news of Scott from Frightened Rabbit broke

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Can confirm I am awake. Just.

Porridge - bike ride - dog walk - pet shop

I regret to inform you that I am awake. Going to get out of bed any minute now.

Had the weirdest dream and woke myself up laughing about 3 times.

Not laughing now though- just seen a text saying “meet you at 10.30 for the tour” oh yeah, the new route i totally forgot to write. Nooooooooo.

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Woke up to work.
Mentally paralysed and in bed

The slightest thing i swtting me off at the moment… i had a conversation wtij friend last night and despite nothing bad being said it triggered another albeit milder breakdown. Anyways full details in the SSP… nothing llanned again I guess? God im so bored and desperate need of an activity

i am going into town to buy codeine-down codeine.

It is not good but that is the truth.

your day cant be worst than mine.

It’s my Friday. Picking up after a shit weekend. 3 interviews to do today. Finish at 1. Bullshit

Same. Was out last night so couldn’t really think about it but feel sad now

Exhausted. Might see if I can get some time off this week.

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Also awake, not enjoying being out of the warmth of bed and think I need to get fingerless gloves for wfh life.

@JaguarPirate any particular recipe for the cookies? Ginger is the best, made these a fair bit and will be doing so again shortly to stock up in the freezer Gingerbread NYC Cookies! - Jane's Patisserie

Giving these Babish ones a go, though couldn’t find mace and ignoring the candy apple part (in the video he says they weren’t really worth doing anyway)

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Another for no sleep crew. Ended up getting home at 1.30am and then had brief broken sleep throughout the night - the type where you think you haven’t slept at all but must have dozed off for a bit at least.

They look amazing.