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The posi thread for Autumn :fallen_leaf:


Very autumny today I must say


:sun_with_face: having a lovely tofu sandwich
:sun_with_face: m seems to like school now she’s in juniors
:smile_cat: bf is a total babe
:smile_cat: fruit fly season is (almost) over. Yeah! Go to hell you little bozos


Massive news. Fuck those wee shits.


:sun_with_face: Working my notice and everyone knows now.
:sun_with_face: Going to see Alex Lahey on Sunday.
:joy_cat: Got a month off between jobs. Might see what Luxembourg is like.
:joy_cat: Doing (rather than teaching) improv both days this weekend.


:sun_with_face: trip to London tomorrow, seeing Martin Scorose and also his new film

:sun_with_face: WEEKEND INCOMING and I generally love Autumn’s energy

:smile_cat: if I slow down and think, a lot of the stuff I’m worried about right now can be faced pretty rationally and part of it is actually just the brain confusing excitement for anxiety and getting tangled up - me being daft etc

:smile_cat: got a week off booked around Halloween time, that’ll be good!


If anyone needs a positive :sparkles: please remember this is an excellent time of year to see the number one babes of the sky - long tailed tits


:sun_with_face: could go to a gig tonight, but also fine if I don’t bother. Nice to be chill about things like this rather be wound up like I can get!
:sun_with_face: so much good new music out lately making me pretty pleased
:joy_cat: Awesome horror marathon tomorrow night, literally been looking forward to it for months
:joy_cat: planning a trip away, long overdue (this particular one, been lucky enough to have other trips too)


:sun_with_face: my funny little mini cold seems to be going

:sun_with_face: listened to Sufjan’s new one on the way into work and it was lovely

:smile_cat: had a big ol jacky p for lunch

:smile_cat: going to the pub after work


:sun_with_face: squirrel came right up close to me today with a big old chestnut in it’s mouth
:sun_with_face: using a dehumidifier and it’s like magic every time I open it up, where does the water come from?!?

:smile_cat: my brother is helping me fix the guttering tomorrow which is very nice of him, it’s good to know somebody competent!
:smile_cat: little tipsy on the Henry Westons so definitely going to buy a big ol’ pizza tonight, yum!


Still not convinced dehumidifier are some magic trick.


Big fan of autumn. Big fan of this thread. :blush::heart:


Her Indoors was saying we need a dehumidifier a few months ago and I said we should just stick the purifier on, and she said that doesn’t dehumidify, and I said how does it know to take everything else out of the air and leave the humidity in it then. And she laughed at me for ages. Still laughs at me now if dehumidifiers come up.

She can’t explain why it’s a daft question though. All she knows is that purifiers don’t dehumidify but she’s never come up with a coherent explanation why.


:sun_with_face: Going to a seance this weekend!!
:sun_with_face: Got a tasty snack to have with lunch
:smile_cat: Had some helpful and insightful critique on my completed novel manuscript
:smile_cat: Feel in my bones that I will sleep so well tonight


Oooo more on the seance


:sun_with_face: The dog my in-laws adopted from some pals who are getting divorced is a very, very good boy and is going a long way to curing my eldest’s fear of dogs
:sun_with_face: It’s going to be sunny and warm tomorrow
:smile_cat: Managed to resolve a minor social scuffle involving Trick or Treating for my daughter
:smile_cat: Thought today was going to be horrendous work-wise but I’ve somehow got on top of everything and can look forward to some 4 for 3 cans from Sainsburys, Zelda and Race Across The World

Probably shouldn't mention a dog without a photo of said dog


:sun_with_face: My brother-in-law just cancelled our evenings plans so I can spend the evening dicking about and drinking gin in my pajamas instead
:sun_with_face: Going on holiday twice this month
:smile_cat: Got 3 (3!) different releases on different labels lined up
:smile_cat: Just had a bunch of bottles & kitchen equipment for a certain long threatened condiment making venture delivered


:sun_with_face: Weekend involving a BBQ (!) and a record fair
:sun_with_face: Off to a gig tonight
:joy_cat: Kiddo is such a fun age right now
:joy_cat: Despite being a bit overworked, I have to pinch myself at the kind of projects I’m getting to work on at the moment, definitely not things I should be working on this early into running my own business.


It’s a Halloween event through this lot London Month of the Dead so I’m expecting spooky silliness rather than actual communique from the deceased but still! It’s happening in a graveyard so one never knows!

I did some events there last weekend too (making poppets and candle magic) and just the late night cem was fun


Never been more hyped to see someone’s icon with replying… next to it

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