2 good, 2 bad (Thursday evening edition xylo tribute edition)


It’s been ages since we did one o’ these. Let’s go for it

  • Career stuff looking positive
  • Forcing scary decisions
  • Can’t go to France for Christmas
  • Going to sort out a little trip with just the Mrs to Cambridge or similar to probably spend Christmas Day or Boxing Day alone <3


FFS pluses and minuses are turned into bullet points >:-(

obviously that’s a plus, minus, minus, plus situation


:heavy_plus_sign: it’s not monday evening


Shit. I’m really tired. I’ll bump this on Monday Evening.



PLUS gonna put out a record soon and feel some sense of accomplishment about it
PLUS doing nothing but eating junk food and drinking beer all week
MINUS i’m broke and gonna have to take one company to small claims to get paid which will take ages
MINUS i’m fat and ill and i need to get in shape


You did have me worried I thought it was the wrong day tbf


are you gonna put it out ‘through’ anyone or self releasing kinda thing?


bahaha no, just gonna chuck it on bandcamp, make 100 CDs and sell 12 of them to my family as usual


put me down for a CD obv.


Good: Saw I Daniel Blake with a nice lass earlier which was only made slightly awkward by me belly laughing and bawling my eyes out at alternate intervals (but slightly restored my faith in films as a medium tbh)
Good: Got an ATD visiting me this weekend which will stave off the ever encroaching feeling of utter despair for a few days

Bad: Nobody in my flat where the hell is everyone, also it’s chilly
Bad: Same as always


. closer to death than I was yesterday
. best friend is dead
. mum is making no progress with her mental health and in fact is going backwards


best friend is dead - recently? i’m insanely sorry bam that’s terrible


yeah last weekend. What a year I’m having! I’m just blocking everything out at the moment with drink


ffs i’m so sorry man.


Just about to go and vote as we’ve got a by-election. Last time the Lib Dems beat the Tories by 24 votes, so voting to keep out the Tories.

Then back to make dinner have a couple of beers and watch The Apprentice.

  • it’s Monday apparently


nice minus sign there m8

  • overcame the severe anxiety and went to a local gig online meet up, a couple of the people seemed quite cool, hope it takes off
  • an old guy there stroked my beard, not a fan of unauthorised beard touching (bonus + it made me seem more normal)
  • person I like is seeing someone, hasn’t seemed to cause my gnawing sense of emptiness to flare up so that’s good I guess
  • the black heart procession are back together


Haha fuck you pal


Gut: My Spanish tutor said she was impressed by my contribution to the class debate about tourism.
pasta for dinner

Fell over yesterday, scraped my knee and ripped my favourite pair of trousers. The knees gone swollen and walking’s a pain.